I’m happy to announce that recent events have lead to me finding a massage room to call my own! 
I am now located at:
Diva Den Studio in Tigard
Click here for directions
My current hours are:
Monday 9-1
Tuesday 9-12
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday 9-1
Saturday 9-3
Sunday Closed


Feel free to call/text if that’s easier
Unfortunately, I am not available for
in-home massage at this time. 
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60, 75 or 90 minute massage customized for you needs. Includes your choice of essential oil. I only use organic virgin coconut oil, raw unrefined shea butter, and olive oil for my massages. My essential oils are all DoTerra brand.
60min - $85  75min - $105  90min - $125
Hot Stones
I collected the hot stones I use from a beach in Hawaii. I took a week long class in Lomi Lomi and lomi il'i (hot stones) on Maui. One of the days we took a trip to a native taro farm, we helped work the farm and clear their irrigation system, then were allowed to choose our own stones from the beach to use in our massage practices. I love these stones because of this and because I was able to choose ones that fit my hands. A client once commented that my stones feel like sunshine.
60min - $100  75min - $120  90min - $140
In Alaska I completed a 300 hour reflexology program. We learned how the entire body can be affected just by working on the feet. Regular sessions can provide many benefits, most commonly clients will notice they sleep better and have more energy.
30min - $45        60min - $75

Tel: 503.317.4114

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